Opioid Dependency During Pregnancy

Women are just as likely as men to become addicted to illicit drugs, but studies have shown that women may be more susceptible to cravings and relapse, making it all the more important for women to seek treatment–especially during pregnancy.

Studies have also shown that medically monitored conversion from illicit opioid use to medication assisted treatment decreases maternal and neonatal complications by providing a stable opioid dosing regimen and minimizing withdrawal symptoms for both mother and child. Methadone is the recommended treatment for opioid dependent pregnant women (see the research study here) and can shorten the duration of neonatal abstinence syndrome following birth.

Dependency can be scary and so can pregnancy. But effective treatment options are available so you and your baby can experience a healthy pregnancy. The most important thing is to seek medical attention as soon as possible if you are experiencing opioid use disorder. 

Please call us directly, letting us know that you are or may be pregnant, 610-478-0646 for Berks County, or 610-758-8011 for the Lehigh Valley. To learn more about pregnancy during a period of opioid dependency, visit the National Institute of Drug Abuse for treatment options.

Pregnancy and Opioid Dependency Fact Sheets

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