The statistics and the graphs in this Annual Report do not tell the real story about the impact of what we do at New Directions on the lives of the people we serve. These following stories of recovery are from some of our patients in treatment now. Hearing these and many other patients speak about their treatment experiences gives a true picture of that happens in our programs and highlights the importance of our mission.
Names have been changed to protect the identity of the speakers.
“This treatment has changed my life, not just with the medication but also by learning how to live life in all aspects. Recovery is about learning about the things that I needed to work on to keep my sobriety long term. I have been able to do a lot helping people that I would never have been able to do in my active addiction. I just learned to be succinct about my actions without using”.
“Throughout the years I have learned to deal with my issues and the reasons why I relapse. I’ve learned to use the tools I have been given through role playing with my counselor. I have learned to deal with situations that may happen that in the past would have led me to relapse. This program has given me my life back by giving me the time and the chance to do the hard work I needed to do”.
“It has been a life changer to go from being in the shelter and not having a home to where I am now. The program has been helping me with any tools I needed in rebuilding my life. If I ever had a problem there is always someone there at the clinic to help me, listen and assist me. This strong support I receive has given me the opportunity to do the work I needed to do. Through the routine of treatment I have learned to have a routine and keep myself on a drug free path”.